Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

California Municipal Treasurers Association
(As Amended by the Board of Directors April 2001)

Ethics is defined by Webster as the rules or standards governing the conduct of the members of a profession. Ethical conduct must be based upon justice and fair play in the fullest sense.

The purpose of this code is to assemble a body of principles to guide members of the California Municipal Treasurers Association as they confront ethical problems when carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

According to Henry J. Wirtenberger, S.J. author of "Morality and Business", two virtues stand out in evaluating the quality of human conduct. They are justice and prudence.

  1. St. Thomas Aquinas defined justice as "a cardinal virtue whereby one has the constant and perpetual will to give to others whatever is due them."

  2. Prudence is the ability by which a person learns to differentiate between what is good and what is evil, i.e., capable of exercising sound judgment in practical matters. According to Aristotle's brief definition, "Prudence is a reasonable way of doing things."

Using the foregoing principles of justice and prudence as guides, the following Code of Ethics shall govern the professional conduct of active members of the California Municipal Treasurers Association.

  1. To protect, preserve and maintain intact cash, investments and other assets placed in trust with the Treasurer on behalf of the residents of the community.

  2. To promote principles of good government. To be dedicated to the concepts of effective and efficient local government service being provided by elected and appointed Treasurers.

  3. To maintain personal conduct in such a manner as will enhance the stature of the profession and its ability to serve the public.

  4. To observe the profession's technical standards and continually strive to improve the Treasurers’ level of competence.

  5. To be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor, integrity, and objectivity in all public and professional relationships, and to function within existing legal guidelines.

  6. To promote cooperation, good relations, bonds of friendship and mutual understanding among the membership.

  7. To encourage the development of clear lines of communication between residents and elected officials, administrative officers and employees.

  8. To resist encroachments upon areas of responsibility, as the Treasurer must be free to carry out official duties without interference.

  9. To seek no personal advantage or gain as a result of the position occupied, or due to the commission of a questionable act.

By accepting membership, each member agrees to be bound and governed by the Code of Ethics and the Code of Professional Conduct as adopted by CMTA.

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