Investment Policy Certification
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California Municipal Treasurers Investment Policy Certification Program and Application Process

Developed by the California Municipal Treasurers Association (CMTA) with support from the California Debt and Investment 
Advisory Commission (CDIAC).

Thank you for your interest in the California Municipal Treasurers Association (CMTA) Investment Policy Certification Program. This program has been developed with support from the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC)1.

The CMTA Investment Policy Certification Program provides professional guidance and assistance in developing and/or improving existing investment policies in California’s public sector agencies and districts.

The benefits of having your Investment Policy Certified by the California Municipal Treasurers Association are:

  • Trust, confidence and verification to your Governing Body that your policy has been reviewed and certified by a professional organization within California
  • Your policy has been reviewed by fellow CMTA members, many of which have earned the Certified California Municipal Treasurers (CCMT) designation.
  • To show transparency of your Governing Body to the public
  • To demonstrate that due diligence was performed on your Investment Policy
  • California Government Code sections are included (cited) in policy
  • Assist to satisfy auditors when reviewing your Investment Policy
  • Eighteen areas of Investment Policies are addressed: Scope, Prudence, Objective, Delegation of Authority,
    Ethics and Conflicts of Interest, Authorized Financial Dealers and Institutions, Authorized and Suitable
    Investments, Review of Investment Portfolio, Investment Pools/Mutual Funds, Collateralization,
    Safekeeping and Custody, Diversification, Maximum Maturities, Internal Controls, Performance Standards,
    Reporting, Investment Policy Adoption and Glossary

California agencies/districts may submit their application (along with applicable fee) to the CMTA Investment
Policy Certification Committee to review the Agency/District’s policy to determine if they have met investment
policy standards set forth by CMTA. Those local agencies that have conformed with CMTA’s Investment Policy
criteria are presented with CMTA’s Investment Policy Certification.

The program fee is $175 for participating CMTA membership agencies/districts or $330 for non-CMTA member
agencies/districts. (Visa/MasterCard payments will be accepted by calling CMTA at 916-231-2144).

Get Your Investment Policy Certified
Start with the CMTA Policy Certification Program and Application.

If you are interested in becoming an Investment Policy Evaluator, please contact Shaun Farrell at

California Municipal Treasurers Association
700 R Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA. 95811
P: 916-231-2144
F: 916-231-2141