List Serves


The CMTA list serve is designed to facilitate communication among the CMTA members membership-wide. It is not intended to support large files or documents.

List Serve Goal

To improve communication among CMTA members and provide an easy tool to help divisions and members statewide to communicate about issues relating to treasury functions.

List Serve Uses
  • Send out short surveys to division members or statewide.
  • Send out messages to update members on division meetings or CMTA events.
  • Updates to membership about new things posted to CMTA website.

All CMTA members, including Active, Special District Active, Commercial Associate, Government Associate and Sustaining members are eligible to use CMTA list serves.

Appropriate Use of CMTA List Serves

CMTA list serves exist solely for the purpose of conducting CMTA business, and are not intended for personal use. The following guidelines are established to ensure the protection of CMTA in accordance with all Federal and/or State regulations. Confidentiality is not provided for on the CMTA list serves. Accordingly, members should have no expectation of privacy in their e-mail messages, whether sent or received.

Prohibited Uses

The use of CMTA list serves are expressly prohibited whenever it would:

  • Compromise the integrity of CMTA and its business operations in any way.
  • Break the law by sending chain letters or copies of documents in violation of copyright laws, or by committing any other illegal acts.
  • Contain offensive, abusive, threatening or obscene language or graphics.
  • Violate the State‚Äôs affirmative action or sexual harassment avoidance policies by including content that is sexually explicit or could be construed as discriminatory based on race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or religious or political beliefs.
  • Advertise or promote ventures, religious beliefs or political causes.
  • Advertise or promote employment listings.
  • Result in private gain or advantage for the member.


For a message to ALL CMTA MEMBERS send your e-mail to:

PLEASE NOTE: You are required to be a member of the division list serve before sending out a message to that list serve.

Questions About Joining and Using CMTA list serves:

Send your question to Audie Whitt

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700 R Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA. 95811
P: 916-231-2144
F: 916-231-2141