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Presidents Message
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President's Message

My esteemed CMTA colleagues,

As the conference planning committee prepares for the 2018 Annual Conference in Oakland, I reflect back to the 2017 Annual Conference in Newport Beach.  I thoroughly enjoyed the annual conference and the many timely and extremely relevant topics presented by experts in our industry.  Even more than the content of the conference sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to move out of my shell and meet so many wonderful people in this organization.  I have been thoroughly amazed by the quality of the treasury professionals that serve the governments throughout this state in so many capacities and the numerous commercial vendors and partners that assist each of us in our daily operations.  Even more than the high quality professionals in this organization, I have been impressed by the truly wonderful human beings that I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know on a more personal level.  Each person that I have met and spoken with has enriched my life greatly.  

 At the conference, I commented that I would like to get to know every member of CMTA and that I would like each of us to be able to help make this organization even better than it has been in the past.  I’m sure that many of you, like me, look around and see so many great people and you may not feel that you are as technically competent as many of our other members or that you are really that important to this organization.  I want to tell you that this could not be further from the truth.  The strength of CMTA is truly derived from each of our members and the efforts that they put forth to volunteer in many capacities, as well as strengthening the treasury functions throughout the state.  As our president, I see the benefit coming from the efforts of each of our members and commercial associates.

 My message at the conference was threefold: 1)  Each member should become involved with CMTA as much as possible, and we would endeavor to provide opportunities for many people to help in small ways rather than overwhelming our members.;  2) each of us should bring a friend into the CMTA family; and 3) each of us should take advantage of the many training opportunities available to increase our knowledge and understanding of our duties as treasurer’s.  

 Regarding the first point, many people have expressed a desire to help out on various committees in our organization.  We welcome everyone who would like to serve.  The CMTA leadership has been focused on laying the foundation for a vibrant and focused organization.  We did not want to assign people to work on various committees within the organization until we had identified the direction of CMTA.  We are very close to being able to utilize every person that desires to volunteer. 

 Last year, the board met to establish a strategic plan for the organization.  As part of that plan, the board identified four major focuses for the organization:

  1.  Governance and Finance
  2.  Membership
  3.  Certification and Education, and
  4. Marketing and Communications.

 A committee was formed to develop each of these four areas.  Over the past 15 months, the board has been working to bring the functions of the organization within the framework of these four primary functions.  Each of these committees has met regularly to evaluate the policies and procedures that have been followed in the past, comparing them to what we believe they should be, and modifying our structure to fit within our strategic plan.  

 The Governance and Finance Committee has been actively reviewing the organization’s bylaws, Mission statement, code of ethics, and standing rules to align with the current strategic plan.  A major challenge over the committee was to revise and amend the association’s Standing Rules document which spells out  many of the associations, policies and procedures, as well as the committee’s functions.  The standing rules document was last updated In April 2006 and many things have changed, making this a longer process than we had anticipated.  At our October board meeting, we were able to restructure our committees to be more in line with our strategic plan and the four guiding functions of the Association.  We anticipate that this will be completed in the next few months and relevant documents will be presented to the CMTA members for approval.

 The Membership Committee has been very active in looking at ways to increase membership as well, examining ways to provide increased value to our members; evaluating our outreach to new and non renewing members

 The Certification and Education Committee has been reorganized to include the Professional Certification Programs, the education of CMTA members at the annual conference and other trainings, and the Investment Policy Certification Program.  The professional certification program include the Certified California Municipal Treasurer (CCMT) and the California Treasury certificate (CTC) programs which have been increasing the knowledge base and professional quality of treasurers throughout the state.  In addition, the education programs have been augmented with a partnership with CDIAC (part of the state treasurer’s office).  The investment policy certification has been around for many years but has been recently updated and many of our cities and special districts have been improving their investment policies to meet the requirements of this program.  I have had the privilege of signing many of those certificates over the past six months.

 Finally, the Marketing and Communications Committee has been very active in looking at ways to reach out to our membership and specifically updating the Association’s website, and resource room.  

 Now that we have restructured our organization, we will be seeking many new volunteers to help develop these committees and to work within the committees to strengthen our organization.  

 My second point of emphasis was to bring a friend.  We know that there are many people working throughout the state who do not currently participate in CMTA.  I would encourage you to reach out to all of the finance professionals in your area and invite them to participate in CMTA.  Some areas have active chapters that meet together while others would like to increase the numbers and begin to meet with other treasurers.  We have also worked with our friends at CSMFO to provide some treasury related topics at their meetings were CMTA members can benefit as well.  

 Finally, my third point is to take advantage of the wonderful training provided by CMTA.  Coursework to obtain your CCMT and CTC provides very valuable skills and information for each participant.  In conjunction with CDIAC, we are providing an Advanced Public Funds Investing training January 17-18, 2018 in Carmel.  Registration is open for this training and you can obtain information from the CMTA website.  We are also working to provide an outstanding annual conference, which will be held April 25-27, 2018 in Oakland.  I know some cities have tight budgets that would make it difficult for people to attend the annual conference, but there is a scholarship program available for these people and I would encourage you to invite all of your colleagues from your area to these wonderful trainings and events.

 As you see from the length of this message, we have many great things happening in this great organization.  I look forward to meeting all of you and working together to help each other in our positions, but also to help strengthen our state organization.  With each of us providing a small amount of support, we will be able to accomplish great things.

Thank you very much,

Rudy Livingston, CPA CCMT
2017 CMTA President

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