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CMTA-Certified Policies

The Certified Municipal Treasurers Association (CMTA) developed the Investment Policy Certification Program in conjunction with the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) to provide guidance and improve oversight of public sector agency investment portfolios.

The benefits of Certification are:

  • Improved trust and confidence from independent external review
  • Compliance to California Government Code sections
  • Complements independent external audits
  • Reviewed by Certified California Municipal Treasurers
  • Demonstrated diligence and transparency to the public you serve

CMTA's library of Certified Policies is intended to provide samples for use as a both a template and a guideline using what is already in place at other local governments. Samples provided are intended to be blocks of text that can be used as-is or adjusted as needed to provide a more efficient and effective process for other agencies.

Agencies are encouraged to submit their Investment Policy for review, certification and inclusion in this resource page.

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