About CMTA

About CMTA

California Municipal Treasurers Association

CMTA was founded in 1958 by a handful of Municipal Treasurers from both Northern and Southern California whose primary interest was to improve their function in local Government.

A few years later this group and others who had joined them sponsored the creation of the Municipal Treasurers Association of the United States and Canada. From a small beginning this organization now boasts a membership numbering in the hundreds, which has promoted the formation of other state associations throughout the United States and Canada.

CMTA is a professional organization governed by active public officials who are representatives of their own local governmental units.

Mission Statement

To lead in promoting and enhancing the fiduciary responsibility and integrity of individuals responsible for public funds.


Executive Board

The elected Executive board strives to maintain programs directed toward achieving the goals of the organization

Board Resources

An archive of agendas, minutes and reports from previous board meetings.


There are opportunities to serve on committees, assist with the annual conference, and to help in numerous other ways.


Division Chairs are appointed for both North and South regions.


In the beginning there was Tim Shugrue, Treasurer of Glendale, California. Because he felt it was important that City Treasurers get together for lunch on a regular basis, to discuss common problems, he invited several local treasurers to participate in monthly meetings. By 1959, this group had grown to 20 and they chartered the California Municipal Treasurers Association with Tim as its first President.

Letters were mailed to treasurers of all cities over 5,000 in population, explaining the purpose of the organization and inviting them to the first seminar that was held in San Mateo in April 1960. Annual dues were established at $5 for city members and $20 for associate members. At the Sacramento seminar in 1961, the state was divided into seven divisions to facilitate holding luncheon meetings within reasonable driving distance in each division.

With the help of the State Treasurer, Bert Betts, and the use of the well-written brochure, Let's Climb on the Band Wagon, membership and attendance at the annual seminars in Monterey in 1962, San Diego in 1963, and Santa Rosa in 1964 grew by leaps and bounds. In 1964, The City Treasurer and the Law was published by the League of California Cities. At the 1965 seminar in Bakersfield, board members were asked to come up with the logo or emblem. The logo chosen, and still used by CMTA, was designed by Leona (Paine) Gealta, San Fernando. The first roster was printed as a booklet. Also it was decided to send invitations nationwide to cities of over 10,000 in population for the 1966 seminar in Palo Alto, and 20 out-of-state treasurers attended.

Bylaws & Policies


Current association bylaws - amended June 8, 2018.

Code of Ethics

Principles to guide members of CMTA as they confront ethical problems when carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

Standing Rules

The following Standing Rules are general operating procedures for the Association.

Social Media Policy

This regulation is issued pursuant to CMTA’s Standing Rules Section III.G.

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